Recent Castings

13 July 2013

Congratulations to the following actors for securing leading and featured roles in film, television and commercials:

Anish Bhalla Urban Turban (Feature film) Role: Lalli Director: Devesh Singh 2014

Leand Macadaan Skinny Mobile commercial Role: Lead performer

Ben Ong Ministry of Justice commercial Role: Boy racer

Jenny Xu Aeroplan commercial Role: Elevator lady

Kathleen McNeil Vodafone commercial Role: Airport lounge business traveler

Janet Tan Old Spice commercial Role: Bowling ball mum

Alvin Maharaj Crackheads (Feature film) Role: Raj Director: Tim Tsiklauri 2013

Charles Chan Ghost Bride (Feature film) Role: Mr Yin Director: David Blyth 2013

Robert Wong Ghost Bride (Feature film) Role: Mr Zing Director: David Blyth 2013

Shanti Nanu Documentary Edge Commercial Role: Super Gran 2013

Carl Ruwhiu Role: Son Commercial: NZTA 2013

Vanessa Abernethy Role: Duvet Lady Commercial: State 2013

Janet Tan Role: Dreamer Commercial: Cadbury 2013

Jason Greenwood Role: Staring man Commercial: AMI 2013

Jennifer Raoult Role: Diner Commercial: Fisher & Paykel 2013

Charles Chan Role: Helping man Commercial: AMI 2013

David McCartney Role: Home Loan Husband Commercial: ASB 2013

Daniel Kenney Role: Son Commercial: Viva 2013